Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

Quick Frozen Fruits Selection

Dive into our bountiful harvest with our Quick Frozen Fruits selection, where each berry and fruit slice has been picked and frozen at its peak ripeness to bring you summer flavors all year round.

Taste Nature’s Sweetness:

  • Apples: Crisp and versatile, our frozen apple slices are perfect for baking or as a topping for your morning oatmeal.
  • Raspberries: These delicate berries are a delightful tart treat, ready to be blended into smoothies or sprinkled over desserts.
  • Gooseberries: Unique and flavorful, frozen gooseberries add a zesty twist to pies and preserves.
  • Plums: Rich and juicy, our plums are a succulent addition to compotes and fruit salads.
  • Autumn Peaches: Savor the taste of fall with these lusciously sweet peach slices, ideal for cobblers or as an ice cream topping.
  • Mixed Forest Berries: A berry lover’s dream, this blend includes nature’s finest berries, perfect for a fruit-packed smoothie or as a mixed berry coulis.

Specialty Fruit Selections:

  • Base for Fruit Soup: A convenient mix that’s a time-saver for creating traditional fruit soups or exotic sauces.
  • Sour Cherries: Packed with tangy flavor, sour cherries are excellent for pies, tarts, or as a yogurt mix-in.
  • Blackberries: Bursting with taste and antioxidants, our blackberries are great for jams or just snacking.
  • Red Currants: Their vibrant hue and tartness make red currants a beautiful and tasty garnish for many dishes.

Our quick frozen fruits ensure that the vibrant flavors and nutritional benefits are preserved, making healthy choices easy and delicious for any meal or occasion.

Quick Frozen Vegetables Selection

Delve into our assortment of Quick Frozen Vegetables, where freshness is preserved and convenience is key. Our selection includes a garden’s variety, all diced, chopped, or shelled and ready to enhance your next meal.

Fresh Picks for Every Plate:

  • Diced Potatoes: Perfectly cubed and incredibly versatile, these potatoes are a staple for quick and hearty dishes.
  • Broccoli: Flash-frozen to retain its vibrant color and nutrients, our broccoli is ready for steaming or stir-frying.
  • Diced Zucchini: Crisp and fresh, add a touch of summer to any dish with these conveniently pre-cut zucchini pieces.
  • Bear’s Garlic (Wild Garlic): Capture the essence of the forest with this unique, frozen herb, perfect for soups and sauces.
  • Peas: Sweet and tender, our peas are a quick and easy way to add a pop of color and nutrition.
  • Corn: Golden kernels of goodness, ready to brighten up your meals with their natural sweetness.

Harvest Blends:

  • Mixed Vegetables: A classic combination of diced carrots, peas, and green beans, ideal for soups, stews, or as a colorful side.
  • Shelled Beans: No prep required with these shelled beans, making your cooking experience as enjoyable as your dining.
  • Green Beans: Crisp and slender, our green beans are a versatile favorite, excellent for casseroles or salads.
  • Diced Celery Root: Add a subtle, earthy flavor to your recipes with this uniquely diced vegetable, a staple in European cuisine.

Our quick frozen vegetables are carefully selected and immediately frozen to lock in taste, nutrition, and convenience, ready for your kitchen creations.

Quick Frozen Pastry Selection

Our collection of Quick Frozen Pastries opens up a world of culinary delights, each with a nod to its Eastern European roots and ready for your table.

Explore Our Gourmet Pastries:

  • Hungarian Dumplings: Soft, pillowy dumplings that are a perfect match for rich stews and savory sauces.
  • Apricot Dumplings: Sweet apricots enveloped in a delicate pastry, ideal for a fruity dessert or a comforting treat.
  • Apple Croquettes: Crisp on the outside with a sweet apple filling, these croquettes are perfect for a snack or a sweet end to any meal.
  • Chocolate Cherry Dessert: Luxurious chocolate and tangy cherries come together in these dumplings for a decadent treat.
  • Cauliflower Croquettes: A crispy, savory snack that turns the humble cauliflower into a star appetizer or side.
  • Slovak Dumplings with Sauerkraut: Hearty and flavorful, this dish is a staple in Slovak cuisine, offering a satisfying blend of taste and texture.

Specialty Selections:

  • Cheese Dumplings: A sumptuous blend of cheese encased in a gentle pastry, these dumplings are a rich and creamy indulgence.
  • Soup Noodles from Nyírség: Elevate your soups with these traditional noodles, offering a comforting and homey addition.
  • Chocolate Dessert: Indulge in a bite-sized chocolate experience, a perfect sweet snack for chocolate lovers.
  • Small Dumplings: Ideal for soups or as a side, these tiny dumplings are versatile and delicious with any meal.

Our quick frozen pastries are made to provide you with a taste of comfort and quality, capturing the essence of their traditional recipes.