Frozen French Fries

Frozen French Fries: Regular & Coated

Indulge in the golden crispiness of our Frozen French Fries selection, available in both classic regular cuts and sumptuous coated varieties. Perfect as a side or a snack, our fries are a testament to timeless taste and convenience.

Choose Your Cut:

  • Crinkle Slice: Delight in the textured edges of our crinkle-cut fries, offering more crunch in every bite, available both regular and coated for extra savor.
  • Stick Fries: Savor the simplicity of these straight-cut fries, a staple at any table, in regular or with a coated twist for added flavor and crispiness.
  • Allumettes: Enjoy our thin, elegant allumette fries, ideal for those who love a delicate crunch, offered in both uncoated and coated options.
  • Pommes Frites: Taste the tradition with these classic-cut fries, bringing the authentic French bistro experience to your home, regular or coated.
  • Premium Coated Fries: Experience the pinnacle of our French fries selection with a premium coating that ensures a lasting crisp and irresistible flavor.

Each variety is designed to cater to different tastes and occasions, ensuring you always have the perfect fry for your meal.

Frozen Sweet Potato Selection

Embrace the natural sweetness and rich nutrients of our Frozen Sweet Potato category, where we’ve captured the wholesome goodness in two delightful cuts.

Discover Our Sweet Varieties:

  • Straight Cut Sweet Potatoes: Savor the hearty texture and natural sweetness with our straight-cut sweet potatoes, a healthier twist on the classic fry.
  • Crinkle Cut Sweet Potatoes: Enjoy the fun and flavor in every crinkled bite, perfect for dipping or as a standout side dish.

Both cuts are quick and convenient, giving you the perfect blend of health and taste. Ideal for baking or air-frying, our frozen sweet potato fries come out perfectly crispy every time.

Frozen Seasoned Potatoes Selection

Explore the rustic charm and irresistible taste of our Frozen Seasoned Potatoes, each variety seasoned to perfection, ready to transform any meal into a comfort feast.

Explore Our Seasoned Assortment:

  • Country Fries: Hearty and robust, these thick-cut seasoned potatoes are a down-home delight, bursting with flavor in every forkful.
  • Wedges: Perfectly seasoned and satisfyingly chunky, our potato wedges are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, ideal for dipping or as a hearty side.
  • Crispy Cut / Waffle Potatoes: With their unique shape and seasoned crispiness, these waffle-cut potatoes offer a playful twist on the traditional fry experience.

Perfectly pre-seasoned and easy to prepare, our selection brings the cozy warmth of your favorite bistro right to your kitchen.